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In 2010, in Pelotas City, Brazil, Izyplay was born. A company formed by people who love to create games and provide fun experiences to people all over the world. To us, a game is an excellent opportunity to tell a good story. Our team is composed of professionals from diverse fields, such as programmers, game designers, artists, testers, moms, dads, kids, cats and those guys from marketing too. Currently, our objective is making fun PC and Mobile games.

  • Making fun games
  • Having players all over the world
Love for what we do
Team members who cheer for Grêmio
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Izyversity is a school that aims to share the knowledge acquired in more than 10 years in the market, fostering and empowering the community around the development of digital games. Organized in practical modules of 42h, the classes will be taught by our professionals, within the company environment and with Izyplay quality and certification. Offering courses in 2D Art, Modeling and 3D Animation, Game Design, Essential and Advanced Programming, Izyversity gives students the chance to qualify in different areas for the game dev market.

Izyplay’s team has over 10 years’ experience in developing games for the most diverse national and international markets. Our outsourcing service comprises:

  • 3D Characters Creation – concept, 3D modelling, rigg, skin and animation
  • 2D Characters Creation – concept, rigg, skin and animation
  • Full Project – the whole project’s creation is our responsibility

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SmarTest Nerd 2

I L O V E D!!! Best game ever!! Congratulations to the whole team!! Whow. I’ve never seen a game like this. 🙂

Manuelly (From Google Play)

Izy News


We are very proud of our newest initiative, Izyversity, a training school that offers courses in the different areas of game development. Headquartered within our home in RS, the courses will be taught by our professionals, and will have Izyplay quality certification. A great opportunity to learn from members who have been working in the […]

Izy Open House

Izy Open House is an event organized by Izyplay and Gênio Games with the goal of encouraging the game development for enthusiasts, students and professionals in the area. The company opens its doors to receive guests and show a little of our production process, the games in development and also attend a talk on current […]

First post

Hi, guys! What’s up? My name’s Everton Vieira and I’m Izyplay’s Game Design Leader and co-founder. This first post’s purpose is to talk about what kind of posts you’ll see here. Our plan is to share with you guys, all muddles, magic solutions, games we’re making and challenges, amongst other things. Join our Feed and follow us […]

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