WM Racing – No time to lose

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Thought as the first episode of a game series, WM Racing – No time to lose instigates and gets the public’s attention through a lot of action and speed, with a unique plot, delivered to the player using a cinematographic language based on the comics universe 넬라판타지아 다운로드. On the role of a former pilot and a car lover geek girl, players must rescue their brother, who was kidnapped by an eccentric outlaw 날씨 라이브 배경 화면 다운로드. As the game moves forward, you’ll come across several challenges, such as puzzles, chases, races and car customization, in order to negotiate and conquer, with Webmotors’ help, the 10 models asked as a trade by the villain 드라마 느낌 다운로드.

  • Service: Advergame
  • Platform: Facebook and web
  • Mechanics: Race and Puzzle
  • Publishing: IzyPlay (Advergame)
  • Launching: 2015