Junk Norris Impossible Challenges

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Junk Norris, the supreme entity of the universe, got a little bored. After all, there are no challenges or enemies capable of entertaining him html csv 다운로드. To solve this problem, Junk has shaped an entire mountain with punches and created the IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGES TOWER, which Junk calls his tiny mini games house tv 볼래 다운로드!

Junk Norris Impossible Challenges, Alpha Male Edition is a game composed by several backbraking mini games, fueled by a lot of action and TESTOSTERONE Download all the photos to Katok! Get ready for superhuman adventures which only master power alpha males are ready for!

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  • Platform: Mobile (IOS, Android)
  • Mechanics: Casual Minigames
  • Publishing: Izyplay
  • Launching: 2016
  • More than 1 Mi downloads