Jonas Bonfaro’s Adventures

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With a rich and humorous story, the game presents charismatic and fully dubbed characters, having a strong appeal for both young people and adults, due to its plot and mechanics Who's your daddy.

The player takes on the role of Jonas Bonfaro, a detective hired by the journalist Daiana Fontoura to investigate a possible alien invasion Download ai charger. At your disposal, besides your detective resources, there’ll also be a helping hand from Professor Cosmo, the weirdo ufologist that’s registered the first time these supposed aliens have appeared 쿠로코의 농구 2기 자막 다운로드. The player shall combine items and interact with several characters along 5 scenarios, to find out the truth behind this out of this world affair.  

  • Service: Advergame
  • Platform: Facebook and web
  • Mechanics: Adventure Point and Click
  • Publishing: IzyPlay
  • Launching: 2015