Izy Open House

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Izy Open House is an event organized by Izyplay and Gênio Games with the goal of encouraging the game development for enthusiasts, students and professionals in the area avast 무료 백신. The company opens its doors to receive guests and show a little of our production process, the games in development and also attend a talk on current issues of the game market ntlea. The first edition, which was rolled out on January 19th, already showed the success of the event, we had more than 30 subscribers which led us to turn the event monthly, so that everyone would had the opportunity to participate, meet and chat with us 이그잼 영화 다운로드. We are already in the 2nd edition, which happened on February 9, and preparing the third for March. If you are interested in participating, subscribe to the form: goo.gl/forms/XpbxwUx6EZafeF4C3
We also created an open group on Facebook, Izy Open House, for anyone who wants to participate or have already participated, as another way to get closer and share knowledge samsung's manual!

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